When environment and sustainability means good business we are “all N”

On August 20, 2012

We were using energy and cost to get rid of excess ammonia in the waste and sewage. Now we see it as a resource we can capture and upgrade with nitrate nitrogen and make valuable organic nutrient products.

As capacity grew, we were not able to handle the amount of ammonia in the waste without risking to create pollution.  With the new stripping and ammonia recovery unit, we will be able to turn the ammonia into a valuable fertilizer component or fertilizer chemical and make business from the previous bottleneck.

For 3,5 tons of nitrate produced with the N-fix technology we can capture 1 ton of ammonia.  We eliminate the cost of stripping out the ammonia,  and the potential value in the new products are Euro 2400.   But the best news is:  We can increase capacity without polluting.

First friday in August 2021

Fridrich Möller, Biogas anlage Düsseldorf

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