The circle is closed after 100 years of technology development relying solely on fossil fuels

On August 20, 2012

I never thought I would live to see this happen.  My life has been dedicated to developing and constructing one the most elegant processes ever seen, the Ammonia process based on methane.  The perfect stoichiometry, unbeatable energy efficiency and carbon capture in one.  The basis for the industry that grew to match nature itself in size of nitrogen fixation.

Before us was only nature – but – there was a small intermezzo – the Birkeland technology where fertilizer was taken from thin air by means of electricity.  Chemists considered it as theoretically impossible and physicists have seen it as a high flying ionospheric Ph.D. subject.

The fact that Nitrogen can be split in air and recaptured using less that 36GJ/tN is unbelievable. Why has the world of scientists not taken up this challenge before? When it is done, then it is so obvious to everyone.

One busy office day in 2019

S.G. Deepak Gowda, Ph.D & MBA Bangalore

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