• The circle is closed

    After 100 years of technological development solely on fossil fuels. Never thought it would happen

    One busy office day in 2018
    S.G. Deepak Gowda, Ph.D & MBA Bangalore

    Indian Engineer
  • Eat your cake and have it too

    The merger between organic farming and efficient industrial fertilizer production

    On a Brussels spring day in 2018
    Edith Summer, EU bureaucrat

    EU Legislator
  • Dual utilization of solar power

    Fusion farming secured the investment

    Entrepreneur Vasanth Rao Scindia in Rajastan, India
    making his business plan for 2020

  • All N for Nitrogen

    When environment and sustainability means good business.

    First friday in August 2020
    Fridrich Möller, Biogas anlage Düsseldorf

  • From waste to value

    Added value from the fusion farming technology is converting a loss to double the value

    A Montana morning on the family farm in 2019
    Mildred and Gabriel Johnsen

The Birkeland/Ingels encounter

At the inauguration ceremony of N2 Applied’s new Test center in Norway,...

17th Sep

Test center inauguration with our close supporters

Yellow smoke was the key attraction when 120 neighboring farmers, family, friends...

14th Sep

Pilot plant in place

The cooperation between Norway and Austria started in December 2010. Since then...

13th Sep

Test center established in Norway

May 2014 represented a new milestone to N2 Applied, as the Board...

10th Sep

Literature List

The electric arc is a technology with a STORY.  Already in the...

23rd Jun

In Position for 2015

N2 Applied we have been pursuing a mission since June 2010. For...

02nd Jan