• The circle is closed

    After 100 years of technological development solely on fossil fuels. Never thought it would happen

    One busy office day in 2019
    S.G. Deepak Gowda, Ph.D & MBA Bangalore

    Indian Engineer
  • Eat your cake and have it too

    The merger between organic farming and efficient industrial fertilizer production

    On a Brussels spring day in 2019
    Edith Summer, EU bureaucrat

    EU Legislator
  • Dual utilization of solar power

    Fusion farming secured the investment

    Entrepreneur Vasanth Rao Scindia in Rajastan, India
    making his business plan for 2020

  • All N for Nitrogen

    When environment and sustainability means good business.

    First friday in August 2020
    Fridrich Möller, Biogas anlage Düsseldorf

  • From waste to value

    Added value from the fusion farming technology is converting a loss to double the value

    A Montana morning on the family farm in 2021
    Mildred and Gabriel Johnsen

Film Review

  “Fusionfarming in 90 seconds” – do the cartoon twist and the...

28th Jan

Soaring nitrogen prices

“Fertilizer prices are ridiculous” says protesting farmers – The Huffington Post February 13th...

20th Jan

The renewable energy surplus – store it in Nitrogen

Fusion farming is about profitable, scalable end energy efficient N production which...

17th Jan

The Business Case

Dear Reader, So far all you have found to read on this...

12th Jan

SBI Gliding Arc built in Hollabrunn

N2 Applied initiated building of two test units in 2012.  This was the first...

07th Jan

Master Thesis at the University of Technology in Vienna

With the extensive plasma model, comprising 38 equations, it became necessary to...

06th Jan