• The circle is closed

    After 100 years of technological development solely on fossil fuels. Never thought it would happen

    One busy office day in 2019
    S.G. Deepak Gowda, Ph.D & MBA Bangalore

    Indian Engineer
  • Eat your cake and have it too

    The merger between organic farming and efficient industrial fertilizer production

    On a Brussels spring day in 2019
    Edith Summer, EU bureaucrat

    EU Legislator
  • Dual utilization of solar power

    Fusion farming secured the investment

    Entrepreneur Vasanth Rao Scindia in Rajastan, India
    making his business plan for 2020

  • All N for Nitrogen

    When environment and sustainability means good business.

    First friday in August 2020
    Fridrich Möller, Biogas anlage Düsseldorf

  • From waste to value

    Added value from the fusion farming technology is converting a loss to double the value

    A Montana morning on the family farm in 2021
    Mildred and Gabriel Johnsen


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Realization plan 2013 – 2015

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Let us present Mr. Roman Koller

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28th Feb

Logistical chain = value chain

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07th Feb

Transportation trap

  The fact that the world is made up of a southern...

07th Feb

N2 Applied’s Business Partner – SBI GmbH

The company SBI Produktion techn. Anlagen GmbH was founded in 1999 and...

04th Feb