Industrial nitrogen fixation is dominated by the methane based ammonia process.

The combination of cheap stranded gas and an energy efficiency of 36GJ/tN has been considered unbeatable, but the N-fix technology will be able to provide an interesting alternative for revamps and for industrial sites where ammonia supply is logistically difficult.

Supply chain – Nitrate production

Supply chain – Nitrate production

Reactive Nitrogen is a key asset in many industrial processes.  Ammonia is a world commodity, whereas Nitrate as in Nitric Acid is high value component priced according to the product value.

In the production of ammonium nitrate, the ammonia has the commodity value of 300-400$/tonneN.  The product value of ammonium nitrate is 200-300 $/tonne and when the N-content is only 33%, the N-value is 600-900 $/tonneN.  This gives a Nitrate value of 1000-1500 $/tN.

The N-fix technology will able to produce Nitrate-N at a cost less than 1000 $/tN provided an energy efficiency of 36GJ/tN = 10Mwh/tN and a power cost of 100$/Mwh

It is therefore obvious that the N-fix technology can become an interesting basis for revamps and product differentiation in areas where cheap ammonia is not abundantly available.  The N-fix technology is an NO/NO2 gas of concentrations up to 12% or more.  This is the basis for the further oxidation and absorption in water where nitric acid is formed.

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