Why N2 Applied is in Fusion farming

  • Increased focus on greenhouse gas emissions, environment and sustainable development will likely result in emission caps and a price on emissions also from the agricultural sector.
  • At the same time, a growing worldwide population implies a growing demand for agricultural products.
  • These trends combined creates a new emerging market within the agricultural sector; «fusion farming».
  • Fusion farming is all about the NITROGEN cycle on the farm. It will eliminate the liabilities and capitalize on the assets represented by nitrogen. The end user – the individual farmer – is the client.
  • 32% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the agricultural sector.
  • N2 Applied develop a fusion farming technology that will enable the farmer to recycle and produce his or her own nitrogen. The objective of the technology is to eliminate 75-95% of the NOx emissions from feedstock manure and at the same time make the farmer’s need to buy mineral fertilizer redundant.
  • The market for this technology will be industrial size farms primarily within the EU and USA. I.e. a Danish farmer breeding 75.000 pigs annually is expected to improve his bottom line by € 600.000 through the fusion farming technology.
  • The technology is able to fixate nitrogen directly from air. N2 Applied is using modern process technology on professor Birkeland’s old electric arc principle. A plasma reactor test unit is built in cooperation with SBI GmbH in Hollabrunn, Austria.
  • Fusion farming combines resource management and sustainablitity from organic agriculture with large crops from traditional farming.

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