N2 Applied AS

N2 Applied AS serves as a nucleus for the development of new technologies within the area of nitrogen. We work with an international network and assess new technologies within areas of competence where the founders have particular insight and a competative advantage. Based on these evaluated concepts, N2 Applied develops new businesses.


Create value and contribute to a sustainable future by implementing technology solutions that enable recycling of nitrogen within agriculture and industrial user groups.

Business idea

N2 Applied structure innovation in the interface between technology providers, fertilizer producers, and users with the objective to eliminate the liabilities and capitalize on the assets represented by nitrogen

Mode of operation

N2 Applied is a catalyst and an incubator for high-tech initiatives related to nitrogen. We have a small team of skilled individuals and partners who have demonstrated the ability to develop and industrialize new technologies and build businesses. This enables N2 Applied to provide our initiatives with a competent management team from the outset as well as injecting structure to new ideas. By simplifying the operations in the early phase of an initiative we enable growth in a cost effective and controlled manner.
N2 Applied has the stated ambition that all initiatives shall have global potential – and be within the market of nitrogen:

  • where demand is strong and growing
  • where sustainable technology and practices are continuously taking market shares
  • where CO2 prices are likely to become the next driver for change in the industry
  • where Green Nitrogen is expected to triumph in highly populated farming regions
Company phases

Scematic of Company phases
N2 Applied resources ($, HR) as % of total

N2 Applied’s strength lies within the development phase; to identify and efficiently industrialize promising new technologies. In general, N2 Applied manages and finances early phase development on its own. 

When the start-up company has reached a “proof of concept” stage where the probability of success is regarded as high and the company is ready for pilot-scale industrialization, we look for external financing. N2 Applied does not have any ambition to run large businesses, nor do we possess the required capital or competence. Hence, we seek other financial and industrial partners to lead the industrialization and commercialization phase.

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